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Lisa Aitken(a few years ago)

So brilliant to be able to keep track of dinner/school trip/music lesson charges and to pay them online. Thank you.

Fredelin Bohin(a few years ago)

Dear Hotwells PTA, Thank you for organising a lovely Christmas Fair. Samuel and Jessica had a wonderful time without being 'shopped' out!

Julie(a few years ago)

Fantastic website. Everytime i visit it it gets better and better.

campbell buckeridge(a few years ago)

Amazing website! It is a really good way to keep in touch, I probably wont use it 3 times a day like lowel but I will keep posting comments and all that stuff bye!

Zac(a few years ago)

Really great website - told me everything I needed to know.

Asia Claridge(about a decade ago)

This website is soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *************************************** Well done Mr Jones!!!!!!!!!!

Amy(about a decade ago)

This website is so cool! Theres so much to do as well as go on other websites suitable for us. Well done!

Lowell(about a decade ago)

I am really enjoying this website and I am going to use it at least 3 times a week in future.

Tonya Paul(about a decade ago)

The website is brilliant! What a great way for the children to learn and its great to see all aspects of what the school is about. It only promotes just how fantastic Hotwells school is. Well done!

Salwa Hanifah(about a decade ago)

I love the new website! It's fresh, user-friendly and very informative. Well-done to the web-design team!

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