We have had a fantastic start to Class 5! We have begun our Design & Technology project, designing and building marble runs. This week we explored free-standing structures and all the children were challenged to work in groups to build the tallest free-standing tower possible. The tallest was over two metres!

Take a look at the exciting learning we are exploring in Class 5 this term.

Have a look at this week's sailing photos. 

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Class Noticeboard 

This week the children going sailing are; Zach, Nelle, Luqman, Luca, Lilla and Camila. Sailing is on Tuesday afternoon during our P.E. slot. Children need to wear a pair of old trainers or wetsuit shoes. Old trainers are available but they may not fit properly! 


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Aaya Salah(a couple of days ago)

I am so looking forward for sailing

Aaya Salah(a couple of days ago)

Can you change the guestbook because it's all last year's.

Ollie(a couple of days ago)

Our class and teacher is really nice and im sure will have a great year.P.S. I think Warhammer club is going to be really good.

Ollie(less than a week ago)


Ollie(less than a week ago)

I really like doing the marble run.

Aaya Salah(less than a month ago)

I love our new class and of course our teacher

Mr. Edwards(a couple of months ago)

Let's get this year's show out of the way first, eh girls? And then we can start thinking about next year's project... :o)

Imi(a couple of months ago)

I'm thinking the same as you Sanyia!!

Sanyia(a couple of months ago)

I love practising for the production I wonder what ours is going to be.

Eleanor :)(a couple of months ago)

I absolutely loved camp especially jumping in the lake in canoeing and having a cabin for just me and izzy!

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