Key Information about Class Four

Your Teachers are Miss Attride (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs. Maitipe (Thursday-Friday). Mr Small and Mrs Benson will also be working with the class.


Swimming will be every Monday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has the correct swimming kit (swimming costume or swimming shorts, no earrings). Boys' and girls' hair must be tied back away from their faces, preferably with a swimming cap. 


PE will be on a Thursday morning and will be taught by Mr Leach. Children will need a pair of trainers, blue or black shorts or trousers, and a plain white or plain house-coloured t-shirt. 


Homework and spellings will be given out on a Thursday and due back in the following Thursday. Spellings are tested on a Thursday morning. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Our topic this term is...

Amazing Monarchs!


We’ll be studying six amazing monarchs who have helped to shape this country.  We will learn:

  • about William the Conqueror's reign from 1066 onwards
  • how King John made himself a very unpopular monarch
  • why King Henry VIII married so many times
  • who Queen Anne was
  • what Queen Victoria acheived during her reign 
  • the role of the Britixh Monarchy today.  


There will be a home learning project this term which you can choose to be a presentation, powerpoint, poster or booklet on a monarch of your choice. More information to follow!

Latest Class Four News




Exciting English

We are learning how to use a range of punctuation accurately. In particular, we have been practising using inverted commas/speech marks and commas to mark clauses in complex sentences. You only need a comma if the subordinate clause is at the beginning of the sentence. 


e.g. 'Although it was raining, Tom went out for a walk.'

'Tom went out for a walk although it was raining.' does not need a comma as the main clause is first. 



Test your recognition of compound and complex sentences with this game


Grown ups: can't remember what a complex sentence is? Have a look here



Our Marvellous Maths Learning

This week we are focusing on problems involving measures, including distance and time. 


This interactive Carroll diagram will test your ability to identify lines of symmetry. 


We have learning about the properties of quadrilaterals this term.  Here are some of the trickier ones to remember:

Image result for quadrilaterals trapezium properties


This webpage is also full of helpful information.


We have also learned how to identify different types of triangle. Here's a quick reminder:


Image result for types of triangles year 4 sides


Test your knowledge with this game. Class 4 should be able to identify scalene, obtuse and equilateral triangles. 




In Class 4 it is important to be able to recall your times table facts quickly. We will practise them in school but you should also be practising at home at least twice a week. You can practice specific times tables here at Adults - if you are looking for advice or ideas for supporting your child to learn their times tables please visit


At the end of term there will be an opportunity to try for a Maths Olympics Award (see Ms Barnham for details) so keep practising!





Super Science

This term we have explored electrical conductors and insulators. Class 4 created test circuits to enable them to find out which common materials conduct electricity.


Visit  the Switched On Kids website to learn about electical safety. 


We've also been exploring sources of energy, such as wind, hydro- and solar power. If you discover any interesting facts about generating electrical power let me via the comments at the bottom of this page. 





Thursday of Anti-Bullying week was National 'Stop, Speak, Support' Day. Check out the 'Stop, Speak, Support' initiative here (parents and carers - this is also applicable to older children and teens).


We are focusing on E-Safety this term. Try this quiz to test your online safety knowledge. 


This game also looks at how to stay safe online. 

Our Homework 

Class 4 Homework Thursday 6.11.18


This homework, all about inverted commas, is due back into school on or before Thursday 13th December. 


Remember: homework tasks should take 30-40 minutes to complete. If it is taking you any longer, you do not need to finish it and please let us know. 


Your Weekly Spellings

Homework and spellings are given out on a Thursday and due in the following Thursday.

Spellings are tested on a Thursday morning.


Here are the spellings for Term 2.

Individual children may also have an additional, personalised spelling to learn. 


To practice spelling words with the 'shun' suffixes (-tion, -sion, -ssion, cian) try this game and wordsearch


Class 4 Spelling Test on Thursday 20th December

You will be tested on a selection of ten spellings draw from across the term, and identified as "tricky spellings" by the children. If you have a personalised spelling list, you will be tested on all of your additional words. 


No challenge word this week. 


Links to other learning activities

What do you think?


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