Welcome to Class 2's webpage! We have had a great start to the year. We've been very busy learning all of the new routines and getting settled into Year 2 'life'. On this page we will have links to
interactive games to help with your learning. We will also upload photos and weekly homework.
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This week has been ‘Anti-Bullying’ week across the country. We remind our children that behaviour is considered ‘bullying’ when it is repeated, deliberate and hurtfulThe children took home a special ‘hand of courage’ that they have painted in their own unique way. They can keep this little item as a reminder that sometimes we have to be brave when faced with difficulties. We also need to extend the hand of courage and kindness to someone who needs our help. 

This is your homework for this week...

Things to help you learn...

Click on the small picture of the game to play or view the website.

Phonics game Rock and Roll Hit the button game  

Great Phonics Game

(Beware annoying sound!)

Science game about forces

(Beware annoying sound!)

Hit the button

(No sound)

2D Shape Lab 

(Beware annoying sound!)

DJ Cow Phonics Game


 Forest Phonics Forest Phonics 

DJ Cow Phonics game

(Sound not needed but fun!)  

Shark Place value game 

(Sound not needed but fun!)

Forest Phonics

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 

Walk The Plank

(Sound needed and a lot of fun) 


Base 10 game 




Number Pieces

(No Sound)  

Speed Sounds Set 1 video 

Games to help learn English 

Games to help you tell the time

(Some need sound)



We'd love to hear what you're enjoying about Class 2 this year. 
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Evan(about a week ago)

I got all the questions right in the very hard and hard shape lab game.

Marlee Hager(about a week ago)

I completed all 3 levels (Medium, Hard and Very Hard).

LILIANA PISCOPO(about a week ago)


Mollie(about a week ago)

Dear Mrs Johnson, Grant loves to do homework and read with me. I like my friends. Mollie.

peter rose(less than a month ago)

zion enjoys doing the maths.its very useful to brush up his already good skills

Lucia(about a month ago)

Dear Miss Jonsen I've had a lovly time writing abowt the rainbow parit love from Lucia.

Mrs. Johnson(about a month ago)

Wow Zane, that's amazing! Good Work!

Zane(about a month ago)

To Mrs Johnson, in the hit the button game I got 14/14 and in a nother got 15 points

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